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  • The Establishment

    Mysterious architects of oppression and injustice towards Celtic FC and its supporters since 1888.

    The very existence of The Establishment validates every paranoid conspiracy theory ever proffered by foaming-at-the-mouth Yahoos. It's true.. we are all covertly operating against you; referees, the Scottish Football Association, newspaper journalists, the police service, our armed forces, the broadcast media, the world banking system in its entirety (excepting those finks at LloydsTSB) the Illuminati, David Ike, Andy Cameron, Glen Michael, Paladin, the wee minging black chip you get in a poke but eat anyway, The Employment Service, traffic wardens and speed cameras.. well maybe not those actually - but you get the picture.

    No overtly bigoted content, please. We, The Establishment, take pride in our dignity as we smile down benevolently on the uncomprehending proles.

    Only fit and proper persons may become part of the fabric of The Establishment.

    Last Activity: 2nd February 2014 02:56

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    Sterling work, Brother McDonald
  • Lindsay Herron Loyal

    Presenter of RangersTV and Editor in Chief of the Rangers Media operations and overall roaster.

    Even though he has a lady's name, he's still the man.

    P.S. He fancies Alison Walker.

    Last Activity: 10th November 2011 02:41

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