Bears in Fife

  1. keithing_ger
    Come on Fifers, join up!
  2. Movie_Thread
    Well, this is a veritable hive of activity, eh?
  3. Blue Nose Bear
    Blue Nose Bear
    Get out Sub!! You're lowering the standard of this high class group!
  4. jim1234
    Need some more fifers to join up!!
  5. Me
    Smells a bit in here. I left my valuables at home so I should be ok dropping in.
    I always wanted to travel through time and now I feel as though I've achieved this, this is what the middle ages must have been like.
  6. jim1234
    Me you want to be a fifer deep down, but just cant cut it, start perfecting that Banjo and you will be one step closer!!
  7. keithing_ger
    I just remembered I set this group up and just noticed these posts.

    How the f*ck did Begbie get in here?
  8. loyal&blue
    first of me seeing this.
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