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  1. bawbag75
    Welcome all members of this Elite Group :drinkingsmiley::winky:

    A new dawn has arisen(that means time to crack open a tinny/bottle), A new group has formed(another good reason to crack one open), And New members hav joined( yet another good reason to crack one open)!

    I'm sure i speak for All members when I say, If you find yourself falling Back ON the wagon and need any Expert advice, on getting back off it, then We together as a group can help you through those Most Difficult times.. Ensuring Your route to a happy 'drunken haze' life is fulfilled...

    ....Together we can Quit QUITING

    giving up is for Quitters!!

    Cheers :drinkingsmiley:

    Bawbag75: JLH president
  2. bigbadbry
    well said Mr bawbag, great words there.:bouncy:
  3. bawbag75
    Welcome Stig :drinkingsmiley:
  4. bigbadbry
    welcome to the gang stig.
  5. fife_loyal_1990
    hello fellow wasters and wasterettes, due to paying my holiday up I will be out of serious action for 2 weeks max, then its pay day then its drink drink drink for me:)
  6. bigbadbry
    welcome fife_loyal to the gang.
  7. bawbag75
    Welcome Fife_loyal :winky:
  8. bigbadbry
    welcome to our newest member - thommogers :drinkingsmiley:
  9. bigbadbry
    welcome Kinbo our newest member.
  10. bawbag75
    Welcome Thommogers And Welcome Kinbo :drinkingsmiley: :winky:
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